Shandaken, NY


You can easily sign the pledge to protect our pollinators:  email: and state your name, town & county and leave your email for rare updates. Each one, teach one.  We really are on the precipice of losing our pollinators. They need each of us to protect them NOW.

Thank you to the following Shandaken residents who pledged to protect our Pollinators:

1.  Mary A. Certoma, Chichester, N.Y.

2. Alan Barbier, Shandaken, N.Y.

3.  Gregor Sirotof, Mt. Tremper, NY

4.  Karin Ursula Edmondson, Shandaken, NY

5.  Victor Velardi, Shandaken, NY

6.  Nancy Hudler, Mt. Tremper, NY

7.  Haley Tanner, Mt. Tremper, NY

8.  Amanda Gulla, Chichester, NY

9.  Roslyn Chernesky, Shandaken, NY

10.  Doris Nieves, Phoenicia, NY

11.  Mighty Xee, Chichester, NY/Amherst, Ma

12.  Ian Laughlin, Chichester

13.  Alan & Lynn Fliegel, Phoenicia, NY

14.  Patricia Charnay, Shandaken, NY

15.  Paul Waddington, Highmount, NY

16.  James Gardner, Shandaken, NY

17.  Linda Panzwalli, Shandaken, NY

18.  Joel Benton, Mt. Tremper, NY

19.  Julie Marcure, Phoenicia, NY

20.  Nat Wei, Lanesville, NY

21.  Ruth DeFris & Jit Bajpai, Mt. Tremper, NY

22.  Ruth San, Shandaken, NY

23.  Megan Fitzgerald, Phoenicia, NY

24. Agnes Toomfield, Phoenicia, NY

25.  Ellie Gillespie, Phoenicia, NY

26.  Dana Frasier, Phoenicia, NY

27.  James  Gaodnea, Shandaken, NY

28.  Jane Cane, Mt. Tremper, NY

29.  Tania Barriculo, Phoenicia, NY

30.  Susan Robertson, Shandaken, NY

31.  Pamela McGillicuddy, Shandaken, NY

32. M.J. Russ, Phoenicia, NY

33.  Savia London, Chichester, NY

34.  Emily Kindler, Mt. Tremper, NY

35.  B. Cohen, Phoenicia, NY

36.  Donna Frokel, Phoenicia

37.  Janna Ritz, Mt. Tremper, NY

38.  David Ilku, Phoenicia, NY

39.  Terry D’Amato, Big Indian, NY

40.  Lea Fridrich, Big Indian, NY

41.  Richard J. Tocitines, Pine Hill, NY

42.  Cat Cooke, Mt. Tremper, NY

43.  Lazlo Lang, age 13, Mt. Tremper, NY

44.  Julian Lines, Mt. Tremper, NY

45.  Marijo Mallon, Mt. Tremper, NY

46.Ruth Silvers, Shandaken, NY

47.  Pat Hartman, Phoenicia, NY

48. Ruth Blair, Shandaken, NY

49.  Jan Wilcox, Mt. Tremper, NY

50.  Janna Ritz, Mt. Tremper, NY

51.  Virginia Lent, Shandaken, NY

52.  Alma Rodriquez, Phoenicia, NY

53.  Anthony J. Kopp, Phoenicia, NY

54.  Rita Schwab, Mt. Tremper, NY

55.  Deb Spivak, Shandaken, NY

56.  Nick Alba, Phoenicia, NY

57.  Christina Steen, Chichester, NY

58.  Davida Libman, Phoenicia, NY

59.  S.B. Woods, Phoenicia, NY

60.  Chip Gallagher, Phoenicia, NY

61.  Suzanne Lugs, Phoenicia, NY

62.  Susan Goodrestt, Phoenicia, NY


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