Olive, NY


You can easily sign the pledge to protect our pollinators:  email:  mmjbutterfly@gmail.com and state your name, town & county and leave your email for rare updates. Each one, teach one.  We really are on the precipice of losing our pollinators. They need each of us to protect them NOW.

Thank you to the following Olive residents who pledged to protect our Pollinators:

1.  Maraleen Manos-Jones, Shokan, NY

2.  Steve Jones, Shokan, NY

3.  Bonnie Lykes-Bigler, Boiceville, NY

4.  Sean Bigler, Boiceville, NY

5.  Phyllis Bloom, Shokan, NY

6.  Sylvia Rozzelle, West Shokan, NY

7.  Moira Joyce, Boiceville, N.Y.

8. Astrid Nordess, West Shokan, N.Y.

9. Jon Coghill, West Shokan, N.Y.

10.  Barbara Hirth Strauss, Shokan, N.Y,

11. John Bierhorst, West Shokan, N.Y.

12. Elaine E. Heppner, West Shokan, N.Y.

13. Mary Hill, West Shokan

14.  Helen Houska, West Shokan, N.Y.

15.  Bill Kennedy, Shokan, N.Y.

16.  Anne Haas, Samsonville, N.Y.

17.  Jeff Zimmer, Shokan

18.  Jason Van Kleeck, Olivebridge

19.  William Cook, Olive, NY

20. Patricia Cook, Olive, NY

21.  Carla Madsen, Olivebridge, NY

22.  John Shively,  Olivebridge, NY

23. Stephanie Basalone, Boiceville, NY

24. Andre Wilson, Olive, NY

25.  Sarina Pepper, Olive, NY

26.  Dennis Yerry, Olive, NY

27.  Greg Meola, Olivebridge, NY

28.  Dominique Biondi, Olivebridge & Bronx, NY

29.  Kyle M. Flagg, Olivebridge, NY & Henderson Harbor, NY

30.  Donna L. Schoch, Olive, NY

31.  Ethel Little, Shokan, NY

32.  Jim Sofranko, Olive, NY

33.  Dawn Giuditta, Samsonville, NY

34.  Christine Falk, Olivebridge, NY

35.  Barbara & Bill Miller, Olive, NY

36.  Jan Sosnowitz, Boiceville, NY

37.  Jean Anderson, Shokan, NY

38.  Diana Klippel, Olive, NY

39.  Linda Sobel, West Shokan, NY

40. Sally Smith Raymond, West Shokan, NY

41.  Rich Feldman, Shokan, NY

42.  Kathy Carey, West Shokan, NY

43.  Pat Whelan, Olivebridge, NY

44.  Peggy Wells, Shokan, NY

45.  Linda Champanier, Olivebridge, NY

46.  Vivian Read, West Shokan, NY

46.  Marilyn Sprand, West Shokan, NY

47.  Marci Stern, Boiceville, NY

48.   Linda Neu, West Shokan, NY

49.  Jon Coghill, West Shokan, NY

50.  Sue Coccinelli, Boiceville, NY

51.  Lindsey Buckley, West Shokan, NY

52.  Evan Mason, West Shokan, NY

53.  Paul Alexander, West Shokan, NY

54.  Laurel Manly, West Shokan, NY

55.  Patricia M. & Colin M Houston, Boiceville, NY

56.  S.  Birhleo, West Shokan, NY

57.  Christina & Glenn Rubic, Boiceville, NY

58.  Sue Story, West Shokan, NY

59.  Ann-Marie Johanssan, West Shokan, NY

60.  Nathalie & Daniel Andrews, West Shokan, NY

61.  Jan Baer,  Olivebridge, NY

62.  Zachaary R. Smith, Olive

63.  Daivd DeLisio, Olivebridge, NY

64.  Lisa Hubbard, Olive, NY

65.  Kevin Leesick, Olive, NY

66.  Brooke Tinney, Boiceville, NY

67.  Sue McClothlin, Olive, NY

68.  David Boice, Olive, NY

69.  Deborah Osherow, Shokan, NY

70.  Sue Cocozza, Boiceville, NY

71.  Lois Ostapczuk, Shokan, NY

72.  Katrina L. Klinge, Olive, NY

73.  Barbara Johnson, West Shokan, NY

74.  Kate McGloughlin, Olivebridge, NY

75.  Sue Story, West Shokan, NY

76.  Sandra Sherrer, West Shokan, NY

77.  Carole Roberts, West Shokan, NY

78.  Elisa Ross, Olive, NY

79.  Stephanie  Torkilson Bambina, Olive Bridge, NY

80.  Sarah Corwin, West Shokan, NY

81.  R. Zagy, Olivebridge, NY

82.  Ethel Little, Shokan, NY

83.  Christina Countryman, Shokan, NY

84.  Mary Frank, Boiceville, NY

85.  Jill Hudler, Boiceville, NY

86.  Natalka Chas, Olive, NY

87.  Jane Boice, West Shokan, NY

88. Kelly Downs, Olivebridge, NY

89. Bill Miller, Olivebridge, NY

90.  Terry Shultis, Shokan, NY

91.  Barbara Valocore, Olive, NY

92.  Joseph M. Winslow, Shokan, NY

93.Ramona Fradon, West Shokan, NY

94.  Margaret Cogswell, West Shokan, NY

95.  Tracy Walsh, West Shokan, NY

96.  Barbara Allion, West Shokan, NY

97.  Jesse Law, Olivebridge, NY

98.  K. Shuri, West Shokan, NY

99.  Sherley olgaski, Olvebridge, NY

100.  Doug Gaub, West Shokan, NY

101.  Raecine Shurter, Samsonville, NY

102.  Connie Kieltika, Olivebridge, NY

103.  Dennis McKay, Olive, NY

104.  Jeannie Bachow, Olive, NY

105.  Fred Perry, Olive, NY

106.  Janelle Perry, Olive, NY

107.  Sean Perry, Olive, NY

108.  Ryne Perry, Olive, NY

109.  Christina Gardner, Olive, NY

110.  Glenda McGee, Olivebridge, NY

111.  Joan Baumann, Boiceville, NY

112.  Sheila U. Parker, Boiceville, NY

113.  Juliette Eisenson, Shokan, NY

114.  Susanne Traub, Olivebridge, NY

115.  Cheryl Kosaul, Shokan, NY

116.  James Densimore, Olivebridge, NY

117.  Amy Talbot, Olive, NY

120.  Jahn Haines, Shokan, NY

121.  Scott Ross, Shokan, NY

122.  Jodi LaMarco,  Olivebridge, NY

123.  Debbie & Steve Scheringer, Boiceville, NY

124.  Ann Hanson, Olivebridge, NY

125.  Christina Countryman, Shokan, NY

126.  Alfred Higly, Olive/Shandaken, NY

127.  Dianne Fisher, Olive, NY

128.  Kara Eickelberg, Olive, NY


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