Marbletown, NY


You can easily sign the pledge to protect our pollinators:  email: and state your name, town & county and leave your email for rare updates. Each one, teach one.  We really are on the precipice of losing our pollinators. They need each of us to protect them NOW.

Thank you to the following Marbletown Residents who Support Our Pollinators:

1.  Jennifer Hauer, Stone Ridge, N.Y.

2.  Michael Balconoff, High Falls, N.Y.

3.  Nancy Foutz, Marbletown, NY

4.  Kathleen DeMalleo, Accord, NY

5.  Peter & Donna Lamerson, Stone Ridge, NY

6.  Valerie Mavasse, Marbletown, NY

7.  Rob Norris, Accord, NY

8.  Jennifer Kluska, High Falls, NY

9.  Samuel Clabone, High Falls, NY

10.  Zy Gooert, High Falls, NY

11.  Ashley Townsend, High Falls, NY

12.  Gaia Gerson, Accord, NY

13.  Jake Farrell, Accord, NY

14.  Katie Gibbons, High Falls, NY

15.  Barbara Hebert, Marbletown, NY

16.  Cari Heberger, High Falls, NY

17.  Sheena Heinitz, Accord, NY

18.  Francesca Tounksley, Stone Ridge, NY

19.  Kathy Puffer, High Falls, Vertical Farms

20.  Arlene Holmes, Stone Ridge, NY

21.  Katie Gibbons, High Falls, NY

22.Waylon Foreman, High Falls, NY

23.  Erin Rauth, High Falls, NY

24.  Leslee Cooper, High Falls, NY

25.  Isabelle Serrano, High Falls, NY

26.  Sarah Draney, Accord, NY

27.  Lauren Bellafiore, High Falls, NY

28.  Elinor Olds, Stone Ridge, NY

29.  Anthony Ricciuto, Stone Ridge, NY and Boston, Ma.

30.  Maureen Cummins, High Falls, NY

31.  Barbara  Dibelier, Marbletown, NY

32.  Craig Miller, Lamontville, NY

33.  Lauren Miller, Lamontville, NY

34.  Nicola Miller, Lamonville, NY

35.  Alexander Mallon, High Falls, NY

36.  Ken Mironen, Stone Ridge, NY

37.  Sinikka Banco, Stone Ridge, NY

38.  Raymond White, Stone Ridge, NY

39.  Corey Cavallaro, Marbletown, NY

40.  Carol Field, Stone Ridge, NY

41.  Bob Miller, Marbletown, NY

42.  Hallie Schwab, Stone Ridge, NY

43.  Mark Keyasko, Stone Ridge, NY

44.  Teresa Eggers, High Falls, NY

45.  Bridget Eggers, High Falls, NY

46.  Stacey Spiegler, High Falls, NY

47.  Marion Stafford, High Falls, NY

48.  Eric Stewart, Marbletown, NY

49.  Jim Cave, Marbletown, NY



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