Hurley, NY


You can easily sign the pledge to protect our pollinators:  email: and state your name, town & county and leave your email for rare updates. Each one, teach one.  We really are on the precipice of losing our pollinators. They need each of us to protect them NOW.

Thank you to the following Hurley residents who pledged to protect our Pollinators:

1. Kathleen McGuiness, West Hurley, NY

2. Terrence Fister, Hurley, NY

3.  Lena Adams, West Hurley, NY

4.  Kathy Oddo, West Hurley, NY

5.  Guy Oddo, West Hurley, NY

6.  Vickie O’Dougherty, Hurley, NY

7.  Catherine Cattabiani, Hurley, NY

8.  Ella Cattabiani, Hurley, NY

9.  Judy Judge, West Hurley, NY

10.  Jim Judge, West Hurley, NY

11.  Marilyn Wakefield, West Hurley, NY

12.  Diana Cline, Hurley, NY

13.  Lora Shelley, Hurley, NY

14.  Kortnee Simmons, West Hurley, NY

15.  Lynne Brush, West Hurley, NY

16.  Dale Bohan, Hurley, NY

17.  Mira Bowin, Hurley, NY

18.  Ann McElrath, Hurley, NY

19.  Jack Braunlein, Hurley, NY

20.  Sharon Otis, Hurley, NY

21.  Linda Tweeddale, Hurley, NY

22.  Marilyn Wakefield, West Hurley, NY

23.  Dolores Frednir, West Hurley, NY

24.  Myrah Wize, West Hurley, NY

25.  Barbara Kalleberg, Hurley, NY


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