The Pledge


This initiative is asking each person to take responsibility for the little piece of earth she/he stands upon. The health of our planet and the fate of pollinators is in our hands.  Each one, teach one.  A world without pollinators is a world without food.  A world without butterflies is a world without hope.  

Timing is everything and now is the time for us all to take small actions that can, like the flapping of a butterfly’s wing, have reverberations around the world.

Thank you.

We the people of the town of _________________ pledge to protect our pollinators as follows:

1.  We pledge not to use herbicides, pesticides, or fungicides

2.  We pledge to plant milkweed, and/or not cut milkweed, since it is the only plant on which monarch butterflies can lay their eggs and a plant that supports many other species, but not in fields that will be mowed for hay.

3.  We pledge to plant some native flowers, shrubs and/or trees.

4.  We pledge not to plant GMO crops

email  us to sign the pledge.  Thank you.


One Response to The Pledge

  1. Brooke M. Tinney says:

    add my name please to pledge
    Brooke M. Tinney
    Boiceville, NY (Town of Olive)

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