Newburyport, Ma


 You can easily sign the pledge to protect our pollinators:  email: and state your name, town & county and leave your email for rare updates. Each one, teach one.  We really are on the precipice of losing our pollinators. They need each of us to protect them NOW.

We thank the following residents of Newburyport, Ma for pledging to protect our pollinators:

1.  Marcia Samuelson, Newburyport, Ma.

2.  John Terry, West Newbury, Ma.

3. Abigail Moore, Newburyport, Ma.

4.  Madeleine Goodhart, Newburyport, Ma.

5.  Lauren Healey, Newburyport, Ma.

6.  Andrea Samuelson, Newburyport, Ma.

7.  Samantha Orlando, Newburyport, Ma

8.  Ari Sawyer, Newburyport, Ma.

9.  Jade Carpenter, Newburyport, Ma.

10. Colleen Twomey, Newburyport, Ma.

11. Jake Shackman, Newburyport, Ma.

12.  Jackson Kerkey, Newburyport, Ma.

13.  Dominic Noce, Haverhill, Ma.




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