New York City


You can easily sign the pledge to protect our pollinators:  email: and state your name, town & county and leave your email for rare updates. Each one, teach one.  We really are on the precipice of losing our pollinators. They need each of us to protect them NOW.

Thank you to the following residents of New York City who pledged to protect pollinators:

1.  Pamela Wolff, NYC

2.  Anthony Wolff, NYC

3. Charles James, Jr. NYC

4.  James Drembelas, NYC

5.  Joseph Sellman, NYC

6.  Bree Omeril, NYC

7.  Mary Kalinowski, NYC

8.  Belquis Ortiz, NYC

9.  Juana Bravo, NYC

10.  Josefina Suriel, NYC

11.  Silvia Cervantes, NYC

12.  Angelica Familia, NYC

13.  Fabian Ortiz, NYC

14.  Charifin Gonzade, NYC

15. Michael Basilias, NYC

16.  J.  Watson, NYC

17,  Lenna Daley, NYC

18.  Carolyn Jackson, NYC

19.  Sharon Goldstein, NYC

20. Beth Kelley, NYC

21.  Donald Sherman, NYC

22. Maria T. Welles, NYC

23.  Emily Goldstein, NYC

24.  Neida Rodriquez, NYC

25.  William Stanford, Jr., NYC

26.  Jack Weisberg, NYC

27.  Sue Donohue, NYC

28.  Alsariyya Ellebbarle, NYC

29.  Rebecca Ffrench, NYC

30.  James Ffrench, NYC.

31.  Christo, NYC & LIC

32.  Laurel Cudden, NYC

33.  Hannah Brandt, NYC

34.  Eloisa Bromberg, NYC

35.  Terry Drechest, NYC

36.  Heather Cruz, NYC

37.  Marie Baietto, New York, NY

38.  Dennis Coppir, NYC

39.  Natasha Suarez, NYC

40.  Stella Rejo, Manhattan, NYC

41.  Antonio R. De La Campa, New York, NY

42.  J.  Sorrentino, Harlem, NY

43.  Bliss B., NYC

44.  Clara Aich, NYC


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