Please email us if you want to sign on your organization as a pollinator protector. the bees, butterflies, bats and birds need you.

Thank you to the following organizations for protecting pollinators:

The Xerces Society partnered with Whole Foods Earthweek 2015. The store took off its shelves and salad bars all foods that would be missing if we didn’t have pollinators.  It was quite dramatic.  Xerces Society also is partnering with Hagen Daas ice cream.  The company pledged to buy ingredients from sustainable sources.

1.  Charlton/Ketchum-Grande School, Burnt Hills, NY

2.  Landmark Grill, Olive, NY

3.  Joma Cafe, West Shokan, NY

4.  Door Jamb, Ashokan, NY

5.  Catskill Native Plant Society, Ulster County, NY

6.  Christ Lutheran Church, Woodstock, N.Y., Pastor Sonya McClary, whose mission is the stewardship of Creation.  Maraleen will also assist them in creating a pollinator friendly garden.

7.  Olive Free Library, Olive, NY.  The library is creating a model pollinator friendly garden with the help of 4-H girls and Maraleen. The artist, Toni Weidenbacher, is creating a hand-painted sign for the garden.

8.  The Phantom Gardener, Rhinebeck, NY

9.  Catskill Rose Fine Dining and Lodging, has exquisite gardens in Mt. Tremper, NY

10.  Hudson Valley Seed Library, Accord, NY.  founded by Ken Greene who is featured in an inspiring and powerful new film, Open Sesame, focusing on the importance of saving and sharing seeds.

11. The Catskill Center,  Arkville, Greene County, NY. The Catskill Center works in partnership with local, regional, and statewide organizations and entities to protect  streams, mountains, valleys, and forests.

12.  Straight Out of the Ground Farm, Roxbury, NY, Delaware County. Delicious organic produce grown with care.

13.  The Ashokan Center, an environmental educational facility


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